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How Will Tech Trends Affect Electricians in 2019


Tech trends have been bringing considerable changes to the way houses and appliances are implemented and wired. This will lead to many new jobs in the electricity industry for electricians trained to use and install smart technology.  

2019 is set to be a stellar year for tech trends and automation in the construction industry. Electricians who work new construction especially will need to be on top of new technology. New construction of both residential and commercial building will continue to grow with industry spending around $808 billion dollars. 

Smart technology is popping up everywhere and residents want to have the latest gadgets to monitor their home. Utility companies are promoting smart technology to help consumers manage their electric and heating needs. As grid-tied options for solar and wind increase so does the technology needed to track alternative energy usage

 Growing Construction Industry Fuels Technology Use

As an industry, construction saw a 30% rise in technology such as augmented reality (AR). AR creates replicas of the real world to assist construction workers, such as electricians to see the real world model. The National Electrical Contractors Association predicts spending in augmented reality to grow from over $1B to more than $10B over the next two years. 

New technology will assist the electrician with safety and efficiency. New tools such as sensors and smart glasses will help you run wire safer and faster. And with the pace of new construction gaining speed you will need to complete one job so you can move on to the next. 

Are you working outside in all kinds of weather? Smart clothing such as heated jackets and cooling vests for extreme temperatures will help you be comfortable. DeWalt, the king of tools, has come out with a new line of heated jackets, great for keeping you warm on the coldest of days. 

Out With LED’s 

Environmentalists have finally gotten rid of the ancient incandescent light bulb. But electricians know that the LED lights are also slated for extinction. The next big light on the horizon is the organic light-emitting diode (OLED). They are flat and flexible with leaves lots of room for creativity. 

Currently, they are being used on a small scale in cell phones and televisions. However, flashlights with OLED technology are gaining momentum in the marketplace. The OLED display can show various parameters such as battery voltage, output, and charging. 

Jobs For Electricians in 2019 Will Involve Increased Use of Technology

What does all of this new technology mean for electricians? More jobs! The job forecast is bright for electricians. According to Job Network, the number of electricians needed will rise by 20% through 2022. That’s above average for all jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

We all know that talk is increasing about power grid failures. In 2019 electricians will be leading the crews to rebuild and upgrade our countries power grid technology. The smart grid technology which will supply electric as needed, versus it being “on” all the time, will be much more cost efficient. But it will mean rewiring the nation’s grid. 

In addition, alternative energy continues to outpace coal in new production. Electricians will be using their skills to build more sustainable energy. Solar PV roof shingles are the latest technology being embraced by residential homeowners. This latest technology just gets nailed in place with a nail gun. They still require an electrician to do the wiring. 

Long gone are the days when an electrician was limited to wiring houses. Today’s electricians may be working with engineers building electric cars, upgrading the national grid system or working in the expanding communications industry. 

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